5 Reasons why I think my son is a puppy


Exhibit A

1. He chews on EVERYTHING.

Books, clothes, plants, hand rails, the pram straps, absolutely everything.

If he likes it, he chews on it. If he doesn’t like it, he chews on it. If it’s sparkly, he chews on it. If it makes noise, he chews on it. If it’s soft, he chews on it. If it’s hard, he chews on it. I have never seen him hold something in his hand for longer than 10-20 seconds without putting it in his mouth. I’ve watched him scrape the paint off those metal tins that Extra Mints come in. But his favourite things to chew on, by far, are shoes and anything that squeaks.


2. He loves getting air blown in his face.

He giggles, closes his eyes and pulls away, then immediately comes back for more. It’s like he can’t breathe while I’m doing it and it gives him this adrenalin hit that he LOVES.


3. While he can walk on two legs, he prefers to get around on all fours.

He is capable of walking upright ‘like a human’, I have witnessed it, but he will usually forgo the extra effort to just crawl instead.


4. He has mastered the art of ‘Sit’, ‘Stand’ and ‘Roll Over’, but needs to work a little on ‘Stay’.

This is about the same level of obedience that I have received from dogs I have owned through-out my life. And, as in all other cases, the likelihood of a correct response to a command is always greatly improved by the presence of treats and rewards.


5. He chases the cats.

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I think my son is a puppy

  1. Gumboots says:

    Hopefully he grows out of it… Except the cat chasing. There not enough people in the world who chase cats!

  2. AdrianaW says:

    Hahahaha! I wish someone would tell me when the putting everything in the mouth phase would end! Puppy baby is an overload of cuteness.

  3. imagesbyerin says:

    Haha. Cute. The air in the face is always a fun trick. Hopefully it won’t be long until the chewing stops, I’d like to know when that time is coming too.

  4. southernjohnson says:

    Haha! Hilarious!!!

  5. Ally Baker says:

    Uh oh…I think I have a puppy-baby too!!

    But we don’t have a cat…

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