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Worst Father’s Day ever

Yesterday ws a bad day. I would rather forget it ever happened so instead of a detailed account, here is a basic summary.

Tony was horribly sick all day. Cali threw up every meal of solids within 5 minute of finishing it. Felix didn’t have a nap so he was a hurricane all day. And when the dust finally settled once everyone was in bed I did a self-check and realised I’m getting a cold. Horrible day. I yelled at Tony and didn’t even give him his cards and presents. I think I’m going to surprise him with a do-over next weekend to make up for it.

Anyway, here’s some pics from the best part of day – playing with Cali and bubbles in the sunshine. An appropriate activity for the first day of spring.

Bubble Gun

Foot and Bubbles

BW Bubbles

Fence Bubbles

Cali Bubbles

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