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I’m back… I think….

A long time has passed since I last posted here. And, accordingly, a lot has happened.

In February we had a baby girl. We named her Cali.


Kisses from Mummy

She’s now 6 months old.


Aunty NatNat and CaliBear

Felix has just turned 2 and is developing so fast it is blowing my mind.


My little man

He really enjoyed his train themed birthday a couple of weeks ago.


Yummy choo choo!

While the kids are thriving I have been having trouble coping with life over the past year. It’s been a crazy roller coaster and I have recently decided that it’s time to get off. That doesn’t happen with a snap of the fingers. It happens with dedication towards self improvement and a steady search for inner peace.

I’m going to start writing here more often, with honesty and openness, about my struggles with my life and myself. While my intentions are good I will most likely have trouble keeping up consistent posting, but I think that it is a vital step in improving myself so I will do my best.  I’m also trying to improve my physical health by drinking more water and eating well, as I know that mental health and physical health are indelibly linked.

So, please, bear with me while I struggle and blather.

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A Little Lost

I had a Doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon.

I caught a bus towards the Doc’s and got off near The Hubby’s workplace; since I was about half an hour early I needed to kill a little time. After a quick chat I departed and put my headphones in as I started walking the km or so to the Doc’s. When I got there I took them off again and went to put them away in this awesome little cloth pouch I keep them in. Except it wasn’t there.

I searched again. Not there.

I pulled every item out of my purse onto the seat next to me.

Definitely not there.

Shit! I loved love that little pouch! It was a Nut-Sack (walnuts people! Jeeze, get your minds out of the gutter…) made by my amazing mum. The outside was this awesome spiral skull pattern and the inside was laminated cotton with a bright red and big white polka dots pattern. I picked the fabric and watched mum make it almost 4 years ago, and it has lived in my purse holding one thing or another ever since. The latest thing it had held and protected was my iPhone headphones and my Macro lens.

Now I was using my headphones at the time of losing my precious little nut-sack.

My macro lens, I was not.

So there I am, sitting in the Doctor’s office, waiting for my appointment when I discover all this. I sorta freak out, not so much outwardly as internally. So I txt the one person who I knew would completely understand (and would be freaking out WAY more than I did if it had happened to her) my Sister. She expressed her horror and sympathies, and assured me that I would find it when I went back, while I was waiting for my name to be called…

For an hour.

I sat and stewed for a whole hour before I got to see the doc. Half an hour after that and I’m out, walking back towards Hubby’s work, hoping and praying that I’ll find my awesome little nut-sack, whether the Lens is in it or not.

No dice. It was gone.

I sent a txt to my sister telling her I didn’t find it, then picked up the Kidlet from daycare (right next to Hubby’s work) and chatted to his workmates while he finished up. About half an hour later I checked my phone again. 6 txt’s and a picture message from my sister? The first one said ‘Oh Rhea….’. The last one was this picture and message:

‘You got one coming babe’

She obviously couldn’t do anything about the nut-sack but I guess she figured she’d lessen the blow and at least get me another Macro Lens. And this one is way cooler than my last one!!!

I am so so lucky to have such an amazing sister. She can take a little extra energy sometimes but by lord does she give it back. She is so loving and giving. I wouldn’t exchange her for anyone, or thing, else in the world.

I have only one question: Mum, do you have any scraps of those fabrics left?!

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Some time away

Last weekend I traveled to Brisbane with the X-Man to spend a bit of time with an old friend and help celebrate her birthday. We haven’t seen each other in almost 3 years and that time was only a quick visit. We have both since had children (second for her, first for me) so it was really great to spend a few days catching up and discussing new topics.

On Friday we took the kidlets into the city on the train to visit the Museum.

And had lots of fun clowning around.

While we were there I was VERY surprised by the arrival of my beautiful sister. She, Tui, and my friend, Niki, had been organizing for months. Apparently everyone knew except for me. It was great. I never get surprises and I really cherished this one. I had such limited time in Brisbane and, already spread very thin, had no time to visit Tui on the Gold Coast. But instead she came to me!

After walking around Southbank in the rain we went home and prepared for a party! That night there was many laughs and drinks with friends, old and new, around a backyard fire.

Niki, Tui and I were the last ones standing. We only went to bed because it was 5am and we thought we should maybe get an hour or so of sleep before the kids woke up (party poopers).

On Saturday morning Tui and I went to lunch with some of my new in-laws. I must say I married into an awesome family. I have spent limited time with them but the love I feel for them is not limited at all.

And what an eclectic bunch! Everything from bikies to lawyers, it’s fantastic. So funny, kind, giving, smart, wise, thoughtful (for they are all different qualities), open and happy! I am so lucky to have so many amazing people not only in my life but in X-Man’s life too. His gonna have one hectic family tree 🙂

That night we went to The Albion Comedy Club. I’ve never seen comedy live before and let me tell you… it was Freakin Awesome! Great comedians, good atmosphere, nice food, the whole package. We didn’t have enough money for the $30 steaks, though they looked fantastic, so instead we got the cheese platter for two which easily fed all 4 of us (Niki’s other half was with us too) with cheese to spare. Parking was a b*!ch though, just a heads up.

Sunday it was time to come home. Hubby and MIL met me at the airport. We took advantage of being in ‘the big smoke’ and went to the movies and saw Men In Black 3 (4 stars) while MIL watched the X-Man at a cousins house.

It was so great to spend some time with a close friend who is also a mum. I have a couple close female friends in my town but neither of them have kids. They both LOVE X-Man and are very involved and interested in him, but it’s still not quite the same. They haven’t ‘been there, done that’ which is incredibly comforting to hear sometimes. Also, spending some time with some older kidlets was very beneficial to me. It showed me some situations and methods I hadn’t contemplated yet.

So all in all the trip was an eye-opening, laughter-enducing success.

But I won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

Especially after the mess I came home too…..

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